Please adhere to Government social distancing instructions and stay at least 2 metres apart. Please do not visit if you are unwell or have been in recent contact with someone with Covid-19.

Welcome to Howick Gardens. We delighted to invite you and your household back to enjoy the open space that Howick Gardens and Arboretum provide. Please give others sufficient space to maintain appropriate social distancing. This may require some patience on narrower paths or in busier areas.

What we have done to make your visit as safe as possible:

  • Entry – please park in the carpark as normal allowing others to exit their vehicles safely. Please join the queue (if there is one) for the ticket office keeping 2 metres away from others. Please pay at the hatch (NB WE WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTING CARD OR CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS) – Hand sanitiser is available for those not using contactless payment. If you are a season ticket holder you will only need to show your card and staff will register your visit on the system.
  • Numbers of visitors – If the Gardens become too busy we will pause entry until visitors leave – using a one-in-one-out system. The current status of garden entry can by checked by telephoning the ticket office on 01665 577191.
  • Keeping it all outdoors – As the risk of transmission of Coronavirus is significantly less outside we have closed the Visitors Centre. The Church is also locked.
  • Gates – We are keeping all the gates within the Gardens and Arboretum open during visiting hours – please leave them open and we will close them at the end of each day.
  • The Sensory Garden – We would ask that numbers are limited to 10 people at a time in this more confined area and that groups maintain appropriate social distancing.
  • Benches and Picnic Tables – Wooden furniture outside is at low risk for transmission of Coronavirus. We have left this furniture out for your use, however they are not being regularly cleaned and as such would recommend you bear this in mind and wash your hands / use hand sanitiser at the next available opportunity after use.
  • Toilets – There is a one way system running to and from the toilets. The external door to the Ladies and Gents are to be locked when in use. Only one individual / members of same household (of the same sex) to use the Ladies or the Gents at the same time. The Disabled toilet remains available on a unisex basis. Please remember to wash your hands and use paper towels to dry your hands. We have a regular cleaning schedule for the toilets but please inform the Ticket Office if there are any problems you notice.

Wheelchairs – We regret that our wheelchair loan service is not currently available.